Jimmy Kowalski - President

Jimmy Kowalski - President


On behalf of our Board of Directors and current membership, welcome to the Busse Woods Running Club (BWRC). Established by a group of people with a passion for running, BWRC is committed to providing a unique run club experience for our members. We dare to be different than traditional run clubs. We are a “no membership fee” club, reliant on donors and sponsors to help pay for the expenses associated with running our Club. Our welcoming and fun-filled culture is ideal for runners of all abilities. Whether you are training for a 5k, marathon, or just looking to run with a group, you will find BWRC to be a wonderful experience. Improving the knowledge and abilities of all types of runners as well as offering opportunities for
community members to increase physical activity through the sport of running are BWRC’s priorities. Most importantly, we have a ton of fun in the process. We hope to see you on the run!

All donations are tax deductible. Busse Woods Running Club is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Busse Woods Running Club Leadership

Every runner has their own unique background, experiences and goals.